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Document Management: Infoplatform
:: Document archival solution
:: Records management systems
:: Content management
:: Business process management
:: eForms
:: Collaboration platform
:: Office integration tools

Public Service Sector (e.g. LGA’s, State government, ):
:: Personnel, Payroll and Pension management
:: Fixed Assets monitoring and management system
:: Inland Revenue management system
:: Expenditure control/Sub Treasury management system
:: Final accounts system

Logistics Industry:

:: Logistics (Comprehensive Warehouse Control - goods receipts, issues and Transfers)
:: Sales (General sales Management including goods Invoicing and payment)
:: Store Control (Manages individual stores in a warehouse)
:: Billing (A general billing system designed to be customizable even to billing for the usage of warehouses

Health Sector:
We offer a complete health management system developed using state -of- the -art technology and tools. It is equipped with all necessary modules that are required to run a hospital- from patient registration and child birth to admissions, laboratory tests and pharmacy management including patient death and mortuary management.

Other Products
:: State government personnel records verification, auditing and computerization
:: State government Staff loan verification, auditing and computerization
:: Pensioners records verification, auditing and computerization
:: Banking application modules
:: Accounting Systems (General ledger, Inventory management etc.)
:: Human resources management (Personnel, Payroll and Pension systems)
:: Information storage and retrieval systems
:: Logistics management system with in-built client billing system
:: Visa management system
:: National health insurance scheme system
:: Development of ‘XeAccounts’, an integrated multi-company cum multi-currency accounting system.
:: Development of ‘PromptPay’, an integrated personnel and payroll management system with in-built loan management system.

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